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Wed Aug 23 15:12:17 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2006-23-08 15:12 -------
| then it's still not a wine bug. 

of course it isn't and I did agree earlier :)

| I've had people complain to me of a crash before with not having 640x480 for 
| D2 and the answer is to add it back to your xorg.conf.

Yes, but on the offtopic side: can you explain me what driver behaviour is
correct, old or new?  I'd read some docs, but they need to be searched.  Maybe
you know for sure?

| PS: gdi32.dll.DIB_CreateDIBSection shows up in the log. That's is 100% 
| incorrect so he has an old version. (seen at "C:\Diablo\ddraw.dll")

If this was a case during initial Diablo run, we'd never see any dialog box. 
IMNSHO gdi32.dll.DIB_CreateDIBSection message arrived only after an unsuccessful
first try.

PS: as seen on Ubuntuforums, the reporter seems to have no permanent inet
connection, so I will wait a bit longer.  I just want to know exact cause of the
problem and write it down here, so other users know what's happening if stuck
with similar case.  This doesn't hurt the INVALID bug, right?

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