[Bug 6001] Master of Orion 2 hangs when run in Wine 0.9.17 under Fedora Core 5

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Mon Aug 28 10:10:38 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From lhouk at lesliehouk.com  2006-28-08 10:10 -------
After several tries, I can say that MOO2 no longer crashes under Wine -- in
other words, it never shuts itself down and produces a crashlog.  It seems that
the fix in 0.9.18 did indeed take care of this problem.  What it is still doing
consistently is hanging when I move the cursor.

When MOO2 runs under Wine, it actually has two cursors, the Linux arrowhead
cursor and MOO2's cursor, a pointing hand.  When I move the mouse, the Linux
cursor slides across the window just fine, but the MOO2 cursor jerks once or
twice, trying to keep up with the Linux cursor, and then hangs.  Maybe the
problem is that Wine gets more requests to redraw the MOO2 cursor than it can
keep up with?  Are there any WINEDEBUG settings I should try that can help
diagnose the problem?

Oh, Jesse, I did try running wineprefixcreate, and it doesn't seem to have made
any difference.  Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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