[Bug 6384] frequent but unpredicable crashes in IE at specific homepage

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Tue Dec 5 09:23:36 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From asdmin at gmail.com  2006-05-12 09:23 -------
The last lines when the problem occur:

fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for c0000119
=>1 0x7cab39e8 in comctl32 (+0x739e8) (0x7bbfb598)
  2 0x7cabeb71 in comctl32 (+0x7eb71) (0x7bbfbe48)
  3 0x7ef318ca WINPROC_wrapper+0x1a in user32 (0x7bbfbe78)
  4 0x7ef337d3 in user32 (+0xa37d3) (0x7bbfbeb8)
  5 0x7ef36e8c CallWindowProcW+0x57 in user32 (0x7bbfbef8)
  6 0x7ca5cd3a DefSubclassProc+0x15e in comctl32 (0x7bbfbf38)
  7 0x0078f7e2 in browseui (+0xf7e2) (0x7bbfbf54)
  8 0x0078bc0a in browseui (+0xbc0a) (0x7bbfbf70)
  9 0x7ca5cc56 DefSubclassProc+0x7a in comctl32 (0x7bbfbfb0)
  10 0x7ca5cddf COMCTL32_SubclassProc+0x71 in comctl32 (0x7bbfbff0)
  11 0x7ef318ca WINPROC_wrapper+0x1a in user32 (0x7bbfc020)
  12 0x7ef337d3 in user32 (+0xa37d3) (0x7bbfc060)
  13 0x7ef35130 WINPROC_CallProcAtoW+0x35a in user32 (0x7bbfc520)
  14 0x7ef35e52 CallWindowProcA+0xbf in user32 (0x7bbfc560)
  15 0x7ef00fc7 in user32 (+0x70fc7) (0x7bbfc5d0)
  16 0x7ef0463a SendMessageTimeoutA+0x1eb in user32 (0x7bbfc630)
  17 0x7ef046f5 SendMessageA+0x50 in user32 (0x7bbfc670)
  18 0x70bff8ad in shlwapi (+0x2f8ad) (0x7bbfc8b4)
  19 0x00798d5a in browseui (+0x18d5a) (0x0001006e)
  20 0x00000000 (0x00000000)
0x7cab39e8: movl        0x4(%esi),%eax

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