[Bug 6932] Textures in NFS: Most Wanted are semi-transparent

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Mon Dec 18 03:59:26 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From stefandoesinger at gmx.at  2006-18-12 03:59 -------
The effect of this blending patch is, appart from the code move, that GL_BLEND 
stays always active when one state that needs it is on. Maybe one of those 3 
states shouldn't activate GL_BLEND.

I noticed that a lot of things seem to be missing or semi-transparent in this 
game. The road ahead of you, the bumpers to the right(or whatever it should 
be). Maybe this patch just exhibits a different bug.

One thing looks suspicious, can you try to edit dlls/wined3d/state.c, 
state_blend(), around line 215(my line numbers are slightly different):

    if (stateblock->renderState[WINED3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE]      ||
        stateblock->renderState[WINED3DRS_EDGEANTIALIAS]         ||
        stateblock->renderState[WINED3DRS_ANTIALIASEDLINEENABLE] ||
        stateblock->renderState[WINED3DRS_BLENDFACTOR] != 0xFFFFFFFF) {

end remove the WINED3DRS_BLENDFACTOR condition here? It looks pretty wrong, 
especially with the || condition to the others.

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