[Bug 6908] win16: open file dialog fails to load anything

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Wed Dec 20 06:17:45 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From xKiv at post.cz  2006-20-12 06:17 -------
Ah, scratch all that planned effort.
Yesterday, I built several versions, differing only in configure options. 
Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

Then I found that "it works" does not depend on the wine build - it depends on 
where I run BLADES.EXE from.

I have my windows (FAT32) partition mounted on /dos/c -t vfat.
Clean build of wine, so this resolves to Z:\DOS\C.
When I run b.o.e. from '/dos/c/Program Files/B/blades.exe', it's broken.
When I run it from '~/.wine/Program Files/B/blades.exe', it works.
When I run it from '/dos/c/temp/B/blades.exe', it works.
When I run it from '/dos/c/temp/B C/blades.exe', it's broken.
[ all with the same build of wine ]

Hypothesis: There is some mismatch with short filenames on dos drives.
(I distantly recall that I had this issue years ago - somewhere inside wine, 
paths were expanded - with short filenames, which did not match what the 
filesystem reported there was; I think I then "fixed" that by making it use 
long names instead).

So, it's all (can't load *and* the garbled screen) actually 'file-not-found' 

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