[Bug 2398] OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn

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Thu Dec 21 09:50:45 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From mail at science.su  2006-21-12 09:50 -------
> Since this might be card/driver specific, I should have given
> my system details.  The Google Earth rest-of-screen-overdrawn-black
> problem I saw was with a Compaq Presario R3000.

I don't think that this is driver specific. I tested current git with Xorg 6.9
and 7.1 with 9629, 9631 and 9742 (beta) NVidia drivers - OpenGL child windows
are drawn correctly but everything else is overdrawn with black. Of course this
can be considered like "improvement" but only if this is first step in fixing
this problem. This affect all application that uses child windows include
Google Earth, Lightwave and many, many others...

What is espesially bad with this bug that it affects all professional software
that uses OpenGL/Direct3D. There is other bugs with Direct3D child window in
Google Earth (at least) but before fixing minor bugs we first must fix somehow
this rest-of-window-overdrawn-by-black problem - this probably biggest bug in
current Wine. There is no other *single* bug that affect so many applications.

As I said I think that everyone have this probmlem but in case if someone have
no rest-of-window-overdrawn-by-black problem please report what
videodriver and X server you have.

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