[Bug 2389] Installation of Quickbooks 2005/2006 failed on startup

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Fri Feb 17 16:42:09 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From andrewz at springsrescuemission.org  2006-17-02 16:42 -------
When running ./setup.exe from QuickBooks 2006 Reinstallation CD, I get a dialog box:
"Executable: 'z:\home\shared\tmp\qb\setup.exe' had the following unrecoverable
unable to open c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll"

When running ./QBooks/setup.exe, it fails with an installer dialog box during
Flash installation.  The console has these messages:
fixme:ver:RtlVerifyVersionInfo (0x7fc9ca30,64,180000): Not all cases correctly
implemented yet
fixme:advapi:CheckTokenMembership ((nil) 0x7ff096f0 0x7fc8fd78) stub!
err:setupapi:DIRID_get_string user id 49001 not found
err:setupapi:DIRID_get_string user id 49001 not found
fixme:richedit:RichEditANSIWndProc WM_SETFONT: stub
fixme:advpack:RunSetupCommand ((nil),
"C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP\\IESetup.inf", "ActiveX.Register",
"C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP", (null), (nil), 0x0000000d, (nil)): stub
fixme:advpack:RunSetupCommand ((nil),
"C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP\\IESetup.inf", "IE4Setup.Failure",
"C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP", (null), (nil), 0x0000000d, (nil)): stub
fixme:advpack:ExecuteCab ((nil) 0x7fc8fa8c (nil)): stub

You may be able to download the same installer from

System: Fedora Core 4 32-bit, dual AMD Opteron 252, WINE 0.9.7-3 RPM

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