[Bug 3966] regression -ODBC apps crash -broken native ODBC handling

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Mon Jan 2 04:18:59 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2006-02-01 04:18 -------
Thanks, Peto

| First, I don't clearly understand what You have written.

I admit my experience with english language isn't nice, but..
actually I just have asked wheather you can:

1, install DCOM95 (or DCOM98);
2, go one step forward from the second patch which brokes things and compile Wine;
3, run one command line (WINEDLLOVERRIDES='oleaut32=n' wine ...).

This command line does on-the-fly dll-override, and it isn't recorded anywhere
in the registry, so it seems to be usefull for debugging only.  If you find this
override (oleaut32 [native only]) makes your app working, you can transfer it
into the registry (via winecfg).
Plus in that case we will know there is something wrong in Wine oleaut32.dll
code.  That should be debugged later, using latest wine-cvs version.

| but there is a notion, that winecfg is just too new and it dosen't change 
| things so far, only allows to view. I have tried to change some DLL overrides,
| and seemed that settings are remembered, however I'm not sure if they are 
| actually working either.

Ok, this happens because of too old wine version.  Just use overrides from the
command line for a testing time.  When the cvs-version of Wine is compiled, you
can use winecfg to set overrides in a permanent way.

| I will do anything to help fix this bug, but for now things becomes unclear 
| for me.

I am quite new at supporting bugfixing, so I am sorry about making the situation
go into this state. :-/

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