[Bug 4166] deadlock in GlobalUnlock

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Tue Jan 3 15:00:17 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From arieldembling at gmail.com  2006-03-01 15:00 -------
I tested 0.9.4 and the bug is still there.

Here's the backtrace in the hanged state:
=>1 0xffffe410 (0xffffe410)
  2 0xb7e9c531 (0xb7e9c531)
  3 0x7b84cb2c GlobalUnlock+0x7f in kernel32 (0x7b84cb2c)
fixme:dbghelp_msc:pe_load_debug_directory This guy has FPO information
  4 0x0050fa92 DoRangeSelect+0x171 in prowin32 (0x0050fa92)
  5 0x004de415 wwCreateFrame+0x250 in prowin32 (0x004de415)
  6 0x7fa004ea WINPROC_wrapper+0x1a in user32 (0x7fa004ea)
  7 0x7fa008b8 WINPROC_wrapper+0x3e8 in user32 (0x7fa008b8)
  8 0x7fa06ea4 CallWindowProcW+0x170 in user32 (0x7fa06ea4)
  9 0x7f9cfa46 in user32 (+0x6fa46) (0x7f9cfa46)
  10 0x7f9cfea8 SendMessageTimeoutW+0x181 in user32 (0x7f9cfea8)
  11 0x7f9cfefd SendMessageW+0x50 in user32 (0x7f9cfefd)
  12 0x7f9f7d84 in user32 (+0x97d84) (0x7f9f7d84)
  13 0x7f9f916f DestroyWindow+0x18d in user32 (0x7f9f916f)
  14 0x004ceb10 wwGoThroughAllWidgets+0x44 in prowin32 (0x004ceb10)
  15 0x004e0438 Frame_OnCommand+0x34 in prowin32 (0x004e0438)
  16 0x006944da umSellistGetAttr+0xad9 in prowin32 (0x006944da)
  17 0x0069d7d5 umFrmSetFG+0x160 in prowin32 (0x0069d7d5)
  18 0x00631efc umWindowDoResize+0xa2 in prowin32 (0x00631efc)
  19 0x00643de9 ioInitProc+0x1d9 in prowin32 (0x00643de9)
  20 0x00643b9d umeGetFrameField+0x264 in prowin32 (0x00643b9d)
  21 0x00598b12 rnproc_entry+0x982 in prowin32 (0x00598b12)
  22 0x005ab773 scfld+0x3 in prowin32 (0x005ab773)
  23 0x0063cd4b umeDispatchEvent+0x50b in prowin32 (0x0063cd4b)
  24 0x005088de wwCalcListSize at 24+0xb in prowin32 (0x005088de)
  25 0x00746b39 rnuUpdPrep+0x9ba in prowin32 (0x00746b39)
  26 0x00427597 rllbk+0x1e8 in prowin32 (0x00427597)
  27 0x0040b4e2 drcargs+0x41 in prowin32 (0x0040b4e2)
  28 0x004556f6 csstr_sender_handle_problems+0xac in prowin32 (0x004556f6)
  29 0x0077d18e utgetdrv+0x7e in prowin32 (0x0077d18e)
  30 0x7b86ce62 in kernel32 (+0x4ce62) (0x7b86ce62)
  31 0x4311d9cb wine_switch_to_stack+0x17 in libwine.so.1 (0x4311d9cb)

I don't see a relation with the problem you mentioned with 16 bits, since I only have 1 process here. But take a look at the thread called "ez-cdda sleep" here:
I think it's the same issue, and the same address (0xffffe410) is involved. In that thread Mike Hearn mentions that he implemented a solution, but the discussion seems to end there (see http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-devel/2004/10/0372.html ).
I wonder if his patch ever made it to the main Wine tree...

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