[Bug 3966] regression -native ODBC app crash

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------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2006-09-01 10:33 -------
I know no such ability.  Maybe per-application DLL-overrides may help you? 
Quote from the User Guide [13]: 

| Within the tab you'll notice there is a Default Settings entry. If you select 
| that you'll see the current default Windows Version for all applications. A 
| troublesome application is best configured separately from the Default 
| Settings. To do that:
|    1. Click on the Add application button.
|    2. Browse until you locate the .exe
|    3. After it's been added you can choose the specific Windows version Wine 
|       will emulate for that application. 

When you select your app in the list, you can switch to the 'Libraries' tab and
enter desired DLL-overrides for odbc32 and odbccp32.  After that registry should
get new key, for example:

| [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-4\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\WEWB32.EXE]
| [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-4\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\WEWB32.EXE\DllOverrides]
| "odbc32"="native"
| "odbccp32"="native"

OTOH, this quote can be adjusted, saved as a reg-file and imported (for example
when using 'winecfg' to override dll isn't desired) via command line:

 wine regedit odbc_overrides.reg


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