[Bug 4131] Steam & games freezes

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Tue Jan 10 11:31:40 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From magnus at hacka.net  2006-10-01 11:31 -------
I just noticed something interesting. Half-Life 2 was updating in Steam when I
had a look, it has probably done this for some time..

Once I turned off auto-update for Half-Life 2 in steam CPU load went from
95-100% to normal.

Once the update for Half-Life 2 was done. CPU usage went down during several
minutes, but once I started a game (Counter-Strike 1.6) CPU usage again went up

I think Valve has done some kinda of change in the network code for Steam. As
everything is OK when running in offline mode. It's probably a good guess. It
would make sense of what I was seing aswell, when Steam was talking to the
Network, everything was freezed up, once it did not, everything was fine.

I tested to refresh the server list, just running Steam, and I CPU went up to
100% within a couple of seconds every time, once I stopped the serverlist
refresh, CPU went back to normal.

I managed to minimized freezing by turning off auto-updates on the games and
shutting off auto-fetch on gaming-news/update info. But it's stil unplayable.

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