[Bug 2538] Reaktor menus not displayed properly - gray bars

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Tue Jan 17 18:34:57 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From markknecht at gmail.com  2006-17-01 18:34 -------
OK, I tried setting it up in a virtual desktop. Now the splash screen I'm seeing
is at least not stuck on all four Gnome work spaces. That's an improvement.
However I am now seeing two splash screens. One splash screen is stuck at the
front of my virtual desktop. There is a second splash screen with some tabs
(About, Restrictions, Purchase, Support, Various) that was in back but I can
bring it to the front of the other splash screen. I Cannot find an easy way to
dismiss this other than hit the small 'x' in the upper right. When I do that I
get a black virtual desktop for about 3 second and then the whole thing goes
away and I'm back in the terminal.

Thanks for the hint on the virtual desktop. That seems helpful. I did not get
any messages about setting up audio. To be very sure I completely erased my
.wine directory and reinstalled from scratch. No messages like that. I tried
running winecfg and setting an audio driver. That didn't seem to help either. I
still get two splash screens, and when I dismiss the one the whole app goes away.

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