[Bug 4332] Wine User's Guide -incomplete information about compilation

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------- Additional Comments From tuharsky at misbb.sk  2006-19-01 04:38 -------
Yes, they are standard developement packages. I don't need to see them
particularly named in the Guide. I just think they should be _slightly_
emphasized, by some statement of this shape:

"Even many key aspects of program's functionality may depend on properly
installed developement packages. Please, watch the .configure process carefully
if You want to use printer, play sounds or music or do some other advanced
things with Your Windows apps. Please, read the documentation/PACKAGING file in
Your source tree, section DEVELOPEMENT, to learn more about the possibly needed

If You like the formulation, please use it freely, modified or not, in the
User's Guide.

Unfortunately, we DID use prebuilt packages (200504 or 200503 distributional),
can't use them any longer however:
1, there are dependency problems in Debian with newer prebuilt packages
2, because of problems with our crucial app, we must be able to use the top
notch version of Wine as soon as the needed patch arrives.

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