[Bug 2618] dsound buffer underrun lockup stutter .. again...

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Mon Jan 23 07:58:30 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From pedro.lixo at netcabo.pt  2006-23-01 07:58 -------
Although now it appears to be somewaht better (less pauses) it still not
perfect. (wine cvs 23-01-06)
I've made some debug logs using OSS and Alsa. Using Age of Empires 2 and Foobar.

The age of empires 2 logs can be get it

In foobar2000, Directsound in oss works displaying device type, hardware mixing
and buffers correctly, only no memory detected (probaly normal warn)

But if i use Directsound with Alsa, no hardware mixing support, no buffers
detected and the device name doesn't display correctly appears like ADC
Capture/Standard PCM Palaybac####.
#(just a representation) - unknown char, appears like a 255 character
Debug logs

Hope this helps..

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