[Bug 4342] PrintDlgEx* unimplemented.

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Mon Jun 5 14:14:45 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From wine.dev at web.de  2006-05-06 14:14 -------
This issue is not simple to fix:

The "Gerneral" Property-Sheet (where you can select the Printer) is located in
the other default Propety-Sheets (Layout and Paper/Quality) are located in

More Property-Sheets can come from the Application
(IE uses this: "Selected Frame only" or "List of Links" as examples) and
from the Printer-Driver (through winspool.dev,DocumentPropertySheets).
The Printer-Driver is also able to replace the default Property-Sheets.

In the W2K-Layout of the PrintDlgEx* - Dialog, the default Property-Sheets
(Layout and Paper/Quality) are displayed in the same Dialog as the 
General-Page and the other Pages.

The Layout on WinXP is a bit different: The default Property-Sheets 
(Layout and Paper/Quality) are not present in the Default Dialog.
The user need to Press a "Preferences" - Button on the "General" - Page
and then a new Dialog with the default Property-Sheets is opened.

Help from someone, who knows the Magic behind Dialogs would be great.

By by ... Detlef

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