[Bug 5139] Americas Army will not install properly

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Thu Jun 8 15:03:21 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ashleymmail-wine at yahoo.com  2006-08-06 15:03 -------
Wine 0.9.14 on Suse 10.0
During the install process I copied Mappings.cab to accessor.cab which allowed
the install process to procede. It then spit out a ton of InstallFiles errors
ending with:

err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn't extracted (L"c:\\Program
Files\\America's Army\\Textures\\Coronas.utx")
err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn't extracted (L"c:\\Program
Files\\America's Army\\Textures\\T3-FX.utx")
err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn't extracted (L"c:\\Program
Files\\America's Army\\Accessories\\ArcadeInstallFull203-google.exe")
err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn't extracted (L"c:\\Program
Files\\America's Army\\Accessories\\xfire_installer_17171.exe")
err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn't extracted (L"c:\\Program
Files\\America's Army\\System\\pbsetup\\pbsetup.exe")
err:menubuilder:extract_icon32 LoadLibraryExW
failed, error 126
err:menubuilder:InvokeShellLinker failed to fork and exec wineshelllink
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000000 at address 0x40b9358d
(thread 000d), starting debugger...
WineDbg starting on pid 0xc
fixme:dbghelp:SymLoadModule Should have successfully loaded debug information
for image C:\windows\system\msiexec.exe
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code
Register dump:
 CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:003b GS:0033
 EIP:40b9358d ESP:406df950 EBP:406df978 EFLAGS:00010206(   - 00      - RIP1)
 EAX:00000001 EBX:40bdabe4 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
 ESI:00000000 EDI:41c2d730
Stack dump:
0x406df950:  40360000 00000000 00000000 403e2c60
0x406df960:  4074f44c 00000000 40b9354b 40758744
0x406df970:  00000000 00000000 406df9c8 40703171
0x406df980:  41c2d734 00000000 00000000 00000000
0x406df990:  00000000 41c2cfa0 41c2d088 41c2d804
0x406df9a0:  0000001c 41c2d660 41c2d138 00001d48
=>1 0x40b9358d in shell32 (+0x3358d) (0x40b9358d)
  2 0x40703171 in msi (+0x13171) (0x40703171)
  3 0x4072d73f MSI_IterateRecords+0xcf in msi (0x4072d73f)
  4 0x40700619 in msi (+0x10619) (0x40700619)
  5 0x40701670 in msi (+0x11670) (0x40701670)
  6 0x407018f2 ACTION_PerformAction+0x42 in msi (0x407018f2)
  7 0x407033a8 in msi (+0x133a8) (0x407033a8)
  8 0x4070349c in msi (+0x1349c) (0x4070349c)
  9 0x40701670 in msi (+0x11670) (0x40701670)
  10 0x407018f2 ACTION_PerformAction+0x42 in msi (0x407018f2)
  11 0x40701cd5 in msi (+0x11cd5) (0x40701cd5)
  12 0x4072d73f MSI_IterateRecords+0xcf in msi (0x4072d73f)
  13 0x40700161 in msi (+0x10161) (0x40700161)
  14 0x40701670 in msi (+0x11670) (0x40701670)
  15 0x40701a13 ACTION_PerformUIAction+0x43 in msi (0x40701a13)
  16 0x40701bf2 in msi (+0x11bf2) (0x40701bf2)
  17 0x4072d73f MSI_IterateRecords+0xcf in msi (0x4072d73f)
  18 0x40706978 MSI_InstallPackage+0x738 in msi (0x40706978)
  19 0x40725cb8 MsiInstallProductW+0x58 in msi (0x40725cb8)
  20 0x405bfa99 main+0x2d9 in msiexec (0x405bfa99)
  21 0x405c1099 in msiexec (+0x11099) (0x405c1099)
  22 0x404e354b in kernel32 (+0x5354b) (0x404e354b)
  23 0x4001c837 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17 in libwine.so.1 (0x4001c837)
0x40b9358d: cmpw        $0,0x0(%esi)
Module  Address                 Debug info      Name (67 modules)
ELF     0x40000000-40017000     Deferred        ld-linux.so.2
ELF     0x40017000-40031000     Export          libwine.so.1
ELF     0x4003a000-4003f000     Deferred        libxxf86dga.so.1
ELF     0x40043000-40048000     Deferred        libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF     0x40049000-4005b000     Deferred        libpthread.so.0
ELF     0x4005b000-4017a000     Deferred        libc.so.6
ELF     0x4017a000-4017e000     Deferred        libdl.so.2
ELF     0x4017f000-40201000     Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE  0x40190000-40201000     \               ntdll
ELF     0x40201000-402f8000     Deferred        libwine_unicode.so.1
ELF     0x402f8000-4031e000     Deferred        libm.so.6
ELF     0x40353000-4035e000     Deferred        libgcc_s.so.1
ELF     0x4035e000-40360000     Deferred        libnvidia-tls.so.1
ELF     0x40473000-4057a000     Export          kernel32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40490000-4057a000     \               kernel32
PE      0x405ad000-405c3000     Export          msiexec
PE      0x405b0000-405c3000     Export          msiexec
ELF     0x405c3000-405cc000     Deferred        libsm.so.6
ELF     0x405ce000-405d0000     Deferred        xlcutf8load.so.2
ELF     0x406e0000-4075f000     Export          msi<elf>
  \-PE  0x406f0000-4075f000     \               msi
ELF     0x4075f000-40826000     Deferred        comctl32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40770000-40826000     \               comctl32
ELF     0x40826000-4095f000     Deferred        user32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40840000-4095f000     \               user32
ELF     0x4095f000-40a17000     Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40970000-40a17000     \               gdi32
ELF     0x40af3000-40b07000     Deferred        lz32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40b00000-40b07000     \               lz32
ELF     0x40b0a000-40b4d000     Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40b20000-40b4d000     \               advapi32
ELF     0x40b4d000-40c2e000     Export          shell32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40b60000-40c2e000     \               shell32
ELF     0x40c2e000-40c8d000     Deferred        shlwapi<elf>
  \-PE  0x40c40000-40c8d000     \               shlwapi
ELF     0x40c8d000-40d26000     Deferred        ole32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40ca0000-40d26000     \               ole32
ELF     0x40d26000-40d77000     Deferred        rpcrt4<elf>
  \-PE  0x40d40000-40d77000     \               rpcrt4
ELF     0x40d77000-40d96000     Deferred        iphlpapi<elf>
  \-PE  0x40d80000-40d96000     \               iphlpapi
ELF     0x40d96000-40db6000     Deferred        cabinet<elf>
  \-PE  0x40da0000-40db6000     \               cabinet
ELF     0x40db6000-40e51000     Deferred        oleaut32<elf>
  \-PE  0x40dd0000-40e51000     \               oleaut32
ELF     0x40e51000-40e6a000     Deferred        version<elf>
  \-PE  0x40e60000-40e6a000     \               version
ELF     0x40e81000-40eef000     Deferred        libfreetype.so.6
ELF     0x40eef000-40f02000     Deferred        libz.so.1
ELF     0x40f02000-40f32000     Deferred        libfontconfig.so.1
ELF     0x40f32000-40f52000     Deferred        libexpat.so.0
ELF     0x40f52000-40fd8000     Deferred        winex11<elf>
  \-PE  0x40f60000-40fd8000     \               winex11
ELF     0x40fd8000-40ff0000     Deferred        libice.so.6
ELF     0x40ff0000-40ffe000     Deferred        libxext.so.6
ELF     0x40ffe000-410f7000     Deferred        libx11.so.6
ELF     0x410f7000-41176000     Deferred        libgl.so.1
ELF     0x41176000-418df000     Deferred        libglcore.so.1
ELF     0x4193a000-41942000     Deferred        libxrender.so.1
ELF     0x41942000-41946000     Deferred        libxrandr.so.2
ELF     0x41946000-41965000     Deferred        ximcp.so.2
ELF     0x419b6000-419d2000     Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE  0x419c0000-419d2000     \               imm32
ELF     0x419d2000-419db000     Deferred        libxcursor.so.1
ELF     0x419db000-41a0d000     Deferred        uxtheme<elf>
  \-PE  0x419e0000-41a0d000     \               uxtheme
ELF     0x7bf00000-7bf03000     Deferred        <wine-loader>
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000c (D) C:\windows\system\msiexec.exe
        0000000d    0 <==
        0000000b    0
        00000009    0

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