[Bug 5407] wine-preloader receives SIGKILL on start on machines with >1GiB RAM

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Sun Jun 11 20:58:27 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From mike at codeweavers.com  2006-11-06 20:58 -------
We already have problems with applications running out of memory because we only
have 2G to play with, though admittedly those problems are also due to address
space fragmentation.

I think even if we moved wine-preloader, the 2G/2G split may still incompatible
with the win32 address space, because there are things that need to be mapped
above 78000000... but perhaps the majority of applications will not be affected
by this.

You can try change the preloader mapping address.  It is defined in
loader/Makefile.in.  If that works, submit a patch to wine-patches and argue for
the change there.

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