[Bug 5457] Windows Media Player installer fails: unable to detect available updates

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Sun Jun 18 15:48:25 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2006-18-06 15:48 -------

| I'm not asking you to "support ies4linux."

ies4linux changes Wine configuration a lot, and it's hard for us to trace the
changes.  Even if we know exact changes made, there will be native DLL used for
particular app.  Most of Wine devs also give no support for this mode of using Wine.

| In fact, your own instructions say I should use ies4linux to install IE before
| I even try to install WMP.

You should consider that "we" are not one person.  Every community is a more or
less differentiated system :)
Thank you, Jordan, for noticing this.  I've already located AppDB page you have
in mind, I hope.

| Why am I trying to install WMP 9?  Because I want to install Launchcast and 
| WMP 9 is required.  But I'm not sure why I have to justify this anyway.  

Ok, that reason is fine.  

And letting experienced developers to know your reasons can make them able to
give you a more exact advice about how to get Launchcast running (with or
without native DLLs -- it's hard to guess without trying).

Imagine you find installing WMP really helfull for your app.  Then you just need
to find appropriate registry key and files (filename) changes, which makes your
app happy.  And tell us about them in the report.  Long story version of should
follow in a next my reply.

| There's a whole section of your website already dedicated to getting WMP 9 to 
| work, and now I'm getting unfriendly replies from people?

That's because some members of Wine users (appdb) community don't know right way
to install WMP9.  In our case I'd like to contact Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes to
ask him to transfer all changes being made by "ies4linux" into plain-text script
(on WMP9 page).

| Way to treat the newbie.  Sheesh.

Well, maybe yes, but every newbie has to go through a starting point of
understanding that a users community consists of different people with different
abilities.  And not all of them are able to do a job which meets primary goals
of Wine.  Right?  In fact they are asking for help.

Just don't associate such replies with negative emotions of an author, if you
can.  And you already has made a good thing by making us notice this conflict of
interests, thanks once more :)

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