[Bug 5152] Giants: Citizen Kubato - ddraw:set_render_state Unhandled dwRenderStateType

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Sun Jun 18 19:38:10 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From holy.smoking.floorboards.batman at gmail.com  2006-18-06 19:38 -------
I just did a google search for the problem (since it was the only error that was
spit back at me I figured that it might be out in the world wide web. Needless
to say, there were posts with that problem peppered throughout several forums
(all seemed to relate to playing games, usually in cedega or wine) but none
seemed to really have any set resolutions to the issue (maybe this is a chance
to change that?) anywho, the one lead that I did get was to try changing the ati
agpgart from either internal or external to the other (so switching whatever it
is right now) Being a gentooer, a kernel recompile isn't much of a problem so
I'll see if switching this can fix the problem.

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