[Bug 5487] Worms Armageddon does not start

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Sat Jun 24 03:40:53 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ben at atomnet.co.uk  2006-24-06 03:40 -------
Ok, there is a bug here but it's not what it first seemed and it was my fault
for forgetting about it.

Upgrading to kernel version .17 breaks Worms Armageddon. I have no idea why or
how but this was also confirmed by another person in the #winehq channel. Going
back to a kernel based on .16 or lower the game works again. The reason I didn't
notice this was because what I've pasted is the error outputted with a No-CD
crack installed which just changes everything. Deleting the No-CD and using the
original EXE gives me the .17 kernel error again which is fixed simply by going
back to a kernel <.17. So this is the actual error although it was masked by the
No-CD crack... (this is the entire terminal output):

fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered at 0x401000, enabling work-around
fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered at 0x557ffb, enabling work-around
fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered at 0x558000, enabling work-around
err:seh:setup_exception nested exception on signal stack in thread 0009 eip
7ffb53b0 esp 7fe67c80 stack 0x7fab1000-0x7fbc0000

So this bug is still valid, it's just not the error I initially reported (which
is why the bug didn't seem to go away, because I have been using .17 kernel with
all versions of Wine trying to get it to work).

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