[Bug 5322] Both MSVC6 and MSVB6 installers die very early

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Sat Jun 24 20:25:18 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2006-24-06 20:25 -------
The hard part comes after the reading of Counters.  After it reads counters, it
tries to open keys in HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA, which is like a virtual registry
hive.  Implementing that is what would be tricky, as we'd (probably) have to add
that to wineserver.  From the site listed:

"Unlike regular registry keys such as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, the data retrieved
from HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA isn't file-based, nor is it persistent. Instead, when
you query the registry for performance information, the registry code reads the
information from system internal data structures. What this means is that the
performance data will be different each time you query the registry. By the time
the calling program gets around to using the information, the system may already
have changed its state."

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