[Bug 5386] MS Money 2004 does not run (Regression)

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Mon Jun 26 15:40:19 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk  2006-26-06 15:40 -------
I have produced +loaddll traces from two versions of wine. 

One, which I will refer to as MnyGood, is the last version
I compiled using the git repositary.  MnyGood runs Money
2004 quite well. The other, which I will call MnyBad is the 
current 0.9.16 release.

Using the traces I produced unique sorted lists showing which
dlls were loaded 'builtin' or 'native' by each of these 
releases. Note that the MnyBad lists are bound to have fewer
loaded dlls because it 'crashes' before the point at which
some dlls would be loaded.  I will attach these lists.

The MnyGood lists show a number of dlls loaded 'native' that
MnyBad loads 'builtin'.  Of course, I do not know why this
is. I do not know how Wine decides, or what part winetools
has in this. Perhaps someone can explain this for me.  All
I know is that I did not have any overrides specified in
winecfg for msmoney.exe when I created these lists.

After creating the lists, I experimented with overrides in
winecfg to try and get 0.9.16 to run MSMoney 2004. As I have
said, without any overrides it crashes.  By 'crashes', I 
mean that it terminates with a standard dialog with the 

"Microsoft Money has encountered a problem and needs to 

See the attachment to Bug 4560 for an example of this.

When I added an override to load the native msxml3.dll,
it did not crash.  It give a message 

"There is a problem with your Windows Security settings.
Money cannot open a data file or create a new file."

With an override to load the native rsaenh.dll, it gets
past this point but hangs 'Opening Money File'.  If
X-kill it, it then 'crashes' with this error:

wine: Call from 0x7fc2eb50 to unimplemented function 
msvcrt.dll._mbsspnp, aborting

So I added an override for msvcrt.dll.  With this it 
runs further, loading my Money 'home page', then
crashes. As it then has 

fixme:wininet:InternetGetConnectedState always 
returning LAN connection.

in the +loaddll trace, I would like to try loading the 
native wininet.dll, but the override in winecfg is 
always ignored and it is loaded 'builtin'.

This is as far as I have got. Please suggest any further
actions/test that might be useful.

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