[Bug 5469] VB6.0 string compare gives wrong result

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Thu Jun 29 10:14:05 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From charles at diagnos.co.uk  2006-29-06 10:14 -------
Yep, unfortunately the code is pretty reliant on passing and comparing strings
of abitrary 8 bit data.

I've been trying to have a bit of a look into the code for this to see if I can
help out, but a lot of this is pretty new to me, so it's slow going...  I
apologise if I therefore say something stupid :)

The message compare functions seem to be treating the data as Unicode data -
shouldn't they be treated as ANSI strings?  The code I encountered this problem
on was originally for Windows 95.  Did this have Unicode support?

Reading the information on varbstrcmp, am I right in thinking that the LCID is
used to determine whether the strings are Unicode or ANSI?  Would the string
compare functions be different if ANSI strings were used?

Thanks for looking into this by the way!

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