[Bug 5469] VB6.0 string compare gives wrong result

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Fri Jun 30 09:31:55 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From juan_lang at yahoo.com  2006-30-06 09:31 -------
The strings are concatenated, so you end up with strings L"\0001\0002" and
L"\0002\0001".  They look different, so I'd expect VarBstrCmp to say so too. 
Rob claimed CompareStringW returns that the two strings are equal; I'm unable to
verify that.  So it looks (to me) like a difference between unicode.org's tables
for certain characters, and Microsoft's, and I'm not sure what to do about it,
since we autogenerate our code page tables from the unicode.org data.

That being said, using VB strings to store abitrary binary data looks a little
unusual to me; certain non-identical byte sequences will end up comparing as
equal in certain locales.

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