[Bug 2368] Wine loses its X-Window when switching to another virt. desktop in Fvwm

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Tue Mar 7 01:51:09 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From gator_ml at yahoo.de  2006-07-03 01:51 -------
This does not seem to happen with other window managers with a simpler
notion of a virtual desktop. Thus, I suspect that the part that wine
can't handle is changing the page within a virtual desktop. Any

Dominik Vogt wrote on the fvwm mailing list:
(Subject: Re: FVWM: Wine + fvwm ...)

> I think wine is doing something wrong.  It probably thinks that
> when it is unmapped (like when the desk is switched) it has become
> iconic and then explicitly asks the WM to be iconified.
> Ask the wine folks what exactly they are doing when the window is
> mapped/unmapped.

The problem seems to occur with all newer versions of wine, but I
guess, it has not always been there. I occasionally still use Borland
Kylix (which came bundled with a private version of wine) and this
program creates a whole zoo of windows without losing any of them when
switching desktops ...

Has anybody at least discovered any workaround (except making all wine
windows sticky, which works, but basically kills the virtual desktops)?

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