[Bug 4144] Numerous RichText problems

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Wed Mar 8 00:52:31 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2006-08-03 00:52 -------
Clicking on any of the command buttons in the demo that don't say "api"
(and thus are invoked via COM, I think) now makes Wine exit with messages like
  fixme:richedit:IRichEditOle_fnInPlaceDeactivate stub 0x7fdd1728
  err:ole:ITypeInfo_fnInvoke failed to convert param 0 to VT_VARIANT from VT_I4
which is probably progress.

The "api" buttons don't crash, but they don't work, either.
e.g. the "find api" button can't find anything you search for;
it always says "not found".

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