[Bug 4777] Mouse Absolute vs. Relative Incorrect Behaviour (doesn't match Windows)

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Wed Mar 8 23:32:20 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From myrd at projectmagma.net  2006-08-03 23:32 -------
Actually, the problem is the exact opposite of my previous post, I believe.

The bug occurs when Acquire is called, but Unacquire is never called (until the app is about to close). 
Furthermore, Acquire gets called multiple times, so the mouse keeps getting recentered, without 
unacquire getting a chance to put the cursor back where it was.

While one can argue that this is bad practice from the application programmer's point of view, I think 
that's irrelevant - and what's relevant is how Windows behaves: it doesn't center the cursor in such a case!

So the question is, why does the cursor need to be centered in the first place, and can it be avoided with a 
work around?

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