[Bug 4788] wine should look for joystick devices in /dev/input

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Fri Mar 10 03:23:12 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From yangman at gmail.com  2006-10-03 03:23 -------
> Your patch looks OK, except you should...
> stick to the four space indent and ANSI C
> bracket style in the rest of the file.

Noted. This was a quick patch, and I wasn't sure of the spacing schema for wine

> IMO, you're working around a deficiency in your operating system, not fixing a
> wine bug.

Although I agree with the fact that there is a deficienty in my operation
system, I'm still of the opinion that it's an issue worth fixing.

There's no denying that udev has now replaced the previous schema, and it's also
clear that js* devices are now meant to reside in /dev/input. It doesn't make
much sense to build software software that relies on its environment having
backward compatability when the relavent change has clearly been adopted at
every other level in the environment, especially when there are no good reasons
other than "this is the way it used to be".

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