[Bug 3661] ozi explorer needs a C:\windows\system32\HHCtrl.OCX file

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Sun Mar 19 18:34:02 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From jdoutt at whoi.edu  2006-19-03 18:34 -------

OziExplorer working quite well now!!!

Installation of OziExplorer version 3.95.4k under wine 0.9.10 compiled on 
my Fedora III system.

wine --version
Wine 0.9.10

*) downloaded most recent version of Ozi from www.oziexplorer.com
       version  3.95.4k

*) Run install program
      wine oziexp_setup.exe
          unclicked both  "create icons"  (probably don't have to do this)

*) go to OziExplorer directory & try to run Ozi
       wine  OziExp.exe
         get errors

*) apply Tony Lambregts fix
      cd windows/system32/
      touch HHCtrl.OCX

*) set up serial port
       sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0

       and in ~/.wine/dosdevices
            ln -s /dev/ttyS0 com1

*) go to OziExplorer directory & run Ozi
       wine  OziExp.exe
           help .... enter registration code ....
              (This went OK)
       then exit Ozi and run afresh

*) in OziExplorer configuration
     com.....serial port driver.....driver 1
         subjectively seemed to work better with driver 1 than 2
             NMEA baud rate at 4800

*)  GPS input seemed to work:  got arrow at position of my house!

*)  Normal help does not work, but it REQUIRES IE4 (or better).
  From the 'readme':

"OziExplorer uses Windows HTML help by default and the
standard OziExplorer help is automatically installed
for this. In some cases this may not function as it
requires Internet Explorer 4 or better be installed
on your PC."

*)  I installed the special help "ozihelp2_setup.exe", but it seemed 
    to hang up when Ozi loaded, so I uninstalled it.

*)  I managed to import (automatic calibration in lat/long) both BSB-type
    chart files, and MrSid satellite images just fine.

   :-)    :-)

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