[Bug 4268] Printer-Names have a leading space in ISS@VFP9

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Tue Mar 21 16:08:23 CST 2006


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            Summary|comdlg32: ISS at VFP9 -unable  |Printer-Names have a leading
                   |to print                    |space  in ISS at VFP9

------- Additional Comments From wine.dev at web.de  2006-21-03 16:08 -------
I really want to fix the Issue with the leading Space, but I need your Help.

>From your Comment #39:
>1) Problem with leading space in printer name
>trace:winspool:GetDefaultPrinterW L"xerox_230,WINEPS,LPR:xerox_230"
>trace:winspool:GetDefaultPrinterA 0x0000000a/0x00000104:L"xerox_230"
>trace:winspool:OpenPrinterW (printerName: L" xerox_230", pDefault (nil))
>trace:winspool:OpenPrinterW Can't find printer L" xerox_230" in registry

You attached a bunch of Log Files, but they did not help (You can mark the old
ones without the Space-Issue as Obsolete, when you attach a new log). 
As I mentioned before, I need a Trace from a Machine, that has the Issue with
the leading Space in the Printername.
The "+snoop" is important for the Logfile! When bzip2 does not work, then please
use gzip.

WINEDEBUG="+commdlg,+winspool+,+print,+profile,+snoop,+relay,+seh,+msvcrt" wine
... 2>large.log

(Reply from Comment #48:)
>grep -C 1000  'L" ' large.log  >not_so_large.log
>Nothing must be stripped between "GetDefaultPrinter" (without space) and
>"GetPrivateProfileStringW" (with space), so higher numbers might be needed.

>I tried the grep on the logs you alredy attached to this Bug and see the
>change from "printername" to L" printername".
>(First is ANSI without space, second is UNICODE with space).
>Windows has string-functions at several places and i hope to see the used
>functions and the memory-locations from relay.
>And when we have luck, it's msvcrt (that's why i suggested to test also with
>native msvcrt to compare the logs). 
>(If it's done with OLE, then I'm lost...).

> Machine is not special, as long as the Space is inserted, but please use a
> Default Printer with only simple characters (a-z,A-Z,0-9) first.

I do not have a Setup for the old wine-versions atm., so if it's Possible then
Please use the actual CVS/GIT-Version (prefered) or a recent Snapshot (fallback).

By by ... Detlef

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