[Bug 4816] System Tray icon does not update when mail is received/read.

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Thu Mar 23 17:14:35 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From wine.tester at gmail.com  2006-23-03 17:14 -------
I have some additional information regarding this bug. I've been playing around
with various combinations of native and builtin dlls and have a scenario that
gives me the error can not connect to the mailbox icon in my system tray and I
get a hoverover that appears saying there was an error connecting to the mail
box.  In the output file when I debug warn+all I get a line that says "RAS
support is not implemented! Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock
instead!" but I've tried adding the winsock dll and using native/builtin and
still get the same error so I was hoping someone could offer some suggestions
because I feel like this has made some progress with getting gmail notifier to
work with wine.

The configuration is WinXP and
msasn1.dll (navite)
netapi32.dll (native,builtin)
riched20.dll (native,builtin) (not necessary, text is smaller with native)
rpcrt4.dll (native,builtin)
schannel.dll (native,builtin)
setupapi.dll (native,builtin)
shlwapi.dll (native,builtin)
userenv (native,builtin)
wininet (native)

With this configuration I get response from the gmail notifier icon and what
appears to be an attempt to connect to the mail box where before I got no response.

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