[Bug 4816] System Tray icon does not update when mail is received/read.

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Fri Mar 24 11:11:09 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From wine.tester at gmail.com  2006-24-03 11:11 -------
If the native dlls couldn't have had an effect on the system tray icon then
MAYBE the icon in the system tray was never an issue and only appeared that way
because the notifier wasn't trying to connect to the mail account with the built
in dlls. And only when some native dlls were used it made an attempt to connect
and the icon changed.  If this could be true then this ticket could be resolved
but then 4818 wouldn't be a duplicate and should be reopened.

Since Winsock is clearly not an option to play with is there a timeline as to
when  Wine will support Windows Remote Access Services (RAS)?

Thanks for comments. 

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