[Bug 4806] Programs have header_size > st.st_size

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Sat Mar 25 13:53:46 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From vitaliy at kievinfo.com  2006-25-03 13:53 -------
Tom please don't forward bugs to wine-devel. Most everyone there reads bugzilla
as well. If they are not, they should be ashamed <g>

Anyway, there were number of cases when some broken linkers generated bad PE
headers. M$ decided to bypass as much tests as possible to make those program
work. (I think because some of those programs are made with msvc).

I don't see anything wrong with how Wine reads PE header (it's just a struct

The patch in question was created to fix menssioned error with perposly bad exe
file. So I don't see no problems with reverting part of that patch that brakes
other apps that do work on windows. (The broken test app didn't work on windows).

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