[Bug 4806] Programs have header_size > st.st_size

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Sun Mar 26 13:59:19 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2006-26-03 13:59 -------
It has been discussed before that it is ok to forward certain bugs to wine-devel
once a patch can be easily implemented.  As for the broken PE Headers being
bypassed by M$'s tests, I was not aware of that.  In that case, yes you are
right, and the patch submitted would be a good fix.  Of course, the better fix
would be to get in touch with the app developers and let them know that their
headers are broken due to a bad linker, and that they _should_ find a better
one, but that is really beyond the scope of support for wine, isn't it?

Eiother way, if we do that, and the developers do get a working one, great, if
not, it's their loss...


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