[Bug 1163] Accelerator underscore appears in the wrong place for Hebrew menus

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Thu Mar 30 12:03:49 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From winebugzilla at sun.consumer.org.il  2006-30-03 12:03 -------
By all means, but I'm afraid the solution is not very straight-forward.

In principle, "DrawText" needs to remove all ampersands from the string
(remebering what logical character they were before), then perform the BiDi
reordering, get the logical->visual translation, and then add the & back before
the same characters at their new positions.

The problem is that DrawText does not currently do any BiDi reordering, at all.
This needs to be changed regardless of this bug, as DrawText is line-break
aware, while ExtTextOut is not. So DrawText needs to perform its own Bidi, and
then call ExtTextOut with the undocumented flag that tells the later to not do BiDi.

I hope I've helped.

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