[Bug 4948] Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne freezes / gets stuck during splash screen

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Fri Mar 31 17:52:27 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From the3dfxdude at gmail.com  2006-31-03 17:52 -------

Yes.  Well I was quite aware in the first week of the month that the splash
screen regressed.  But it was easy to workaround, so it was not on my critical
TODO list.  It is not a blocker at all.  The problem seems a bit more serious
now, since many applications with multiple threads have problems.  But it will
remain so until completely fixed because the original patch was needed.  This is
the only regression with current wine and the game.  Regressions like this are rare.

There are also GLX issues, but I can't do anything about them because I don't
have an affected driver.  This is more on general graphics compatability and
wine improving towards it.  This is an ongoing problem.

As for videos, they are DIVX videos, not bink.  The problem comes from
increasing thread priority.   Some people do not have a problem.  There is a
patch now available to allow users who run as root to be able to run demanding
threads more smoothly.  But quartz support is undoubtly buggy and could still
make the game crash.  If you want it fixed, please capture the crash output and
file a seperate bug report.  Quartz/Dshow is another long, hard project that is
ongoing.  However, I don't consider this critical feature for War3 to work as
you can delete the movies folder and the game will not load quartz.  So if you
want stability there, you *must* do that.

I was told a long time ago, that the windows API is far too large to quickly
build complete support for.  Testing every patch against a set of applications
will slow wine development down immensely.  Testing applications against
corresponding changes won't work either because some other app will break that
no one thought of.  Wine is also in Beta, meaning it will work for some things,
but will still be unstable.  Development is ongoing, and because of the size of
the project, it can still take years before Wine is not beta.  We do already
have a mechanism for testing support, and voluteers to keep track of apps.  But
try to understand that not everyone has the understanding about why something
broke or how to fix it.  Yes it is exhausting for the users, but it is also much
more exhausting for me keeping track of all of this.  Also, if you want to
continue this topic, please take it to the AppDB node for the game.  This is not
the place for this discussion.

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