[Bug 5217] Visual Basic App: Runtime error after "redim preserve" (OLEAUT32 bug)

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Mon May 15 00:37:24 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2006-15-05 00:37 -------
Reproduced, and yes, works fine with native oleaut32.
Comparing the logs with WINEDEBUG=+all,
I see that the native oleaut32 is using IMalloc_ReAlloc, but
ours doesn't.  And, surprise suprise, in our dlls/oleaut/safearray.c, one finds
the comment

  /* FIXME: Memory should be allocated and freed using a per-thread IMalloc
   *        instance returned from CoGetMalloc().

I bet this error would go away once that FIXME is handled.
(There are other files that have the same FIXME, e.g. typelib.c, that might also
need to be fixed,
I dunno.)

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