[Bug 5139] Americas Army will not install properly

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Fri May 26 17:25:53 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ead1234 at hotmail.com  2006-26-05 17:25 -------
As Jason Spiro shows with the verbose log of how windows actually installs
americas army it does the following

his quote "Notice that MSI did a ChangeMedia to accessor.cab then did *nothing
whatsoever* then did another ChangeMedia to
Sounds.cab and started extracting it." 

Disk1.cab = diskId 1
animatns.cab = diskId 2
Briefing.cab = diskId 3

sfvideos.cab = diskId 21
accessor.cab = diskId 22
Sounds.cab = diskId 23

If you upload the full log you will see that the log doesn't start at
accessor.cab, it probably is preceded with sfvideos.cab which is diskId 21, then
it goes to diskId 22, which is our accessor.cab, when it does the changeMedia to
diskId 22 it then does the following ( if LastSequence of diskId is less than
that of the LastSequence of previous diskId then go to next diskId ), which is
why it appears to "do nothing whatsoever". It then increments DiskId to 23 and
starts working with Sounds.cab.

Wine just sequentially goes through the list of files and then tries to work
with the media on a per file basis, which is why it starts with accessor.cab.

I'm not really up to snuff with my C programming, but if you want to help
rewrite the code Jason Spiro, it should query the media table, order by DiskId
and check the last sequence against the previous diskId.

enlighten me and upload the full msiexec verbose log from how windows actually
installs it, and I bet it starts with Disk1.cab and works its way up the list.

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