[Bug 6505] WoW crashes using D3D

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Sat Nov 4 05:40:07 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From hverbeet at gmail.com  2006-04-11 05:39 -------
It looks like it crashes in IWineD3DDeviceImpl_RemoveResource, in the part of
the code that walks through the list:

while (resourceList != NULL) {
    if(resourceList->resource == resource) break;
    previousResourceList = resourceList;
    resourceList = resourceList->next;

You could try adding a couple more TRACEs in there (resourceList->next is
probably usefull to know), but it's likely just the result of something writing
over some memory at another place in the code. Adding a +seh could possibly give
more information.

Wrt this bug: please note that debugging random crashes, heap corruption, etc is
simply hard, even more so when doing it without having the actual application
available yourself.

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