[Bug 4696] PartyPoker: Chips and dollar amount bet do not line up in front of player

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Sun Nov 12 20:41:06 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From samuel.howard.dennis at gmail.com  2006-12-11 20:41 -------
I am working with recent trees from git although I did test with some historical
versions too, and found no substantial changes in behaviour with this
application.  The test and fix were done with a Nov 4 tree and I don't see
anything in the last week that would affect this bug... nonetheless, I just
built from today's head with and without my fix of sorts to satisfy you.  The
bug is still present, and unsurprisingly changing ntdll.vsprintf to use the
msvcrt implementation still fixes it.

Is duplicating the behaviour of wine's msvcrt *printf actually correct though?

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