[Bug 6761] Chemsketch regression in wine 0.9.26

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Mon Nov 27 00:44:07 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From cheaterjs at gmx.de  2006-27-11 00:44 -------
After bisecting the git tree I found the bad commit:

46964179419f312afe43ed844f40136a5783fa4f is first bad commit
commit 46964179419f312afe43ed844f40136a5783fa4f
Author: Huw Davies <huw at codeweavers.com>
Date:   Mon Nov 13 15:49:49 2006 +0000

    msxml3: Support both v 2.x and 3.0 version independent clsids as well as the
v 3.0 version dependent clsid.

:040000 040000 a4b0506f5aaf28969dfbd70974c8575c8e5963cc
adcc8e609261379e1a51c1d71cd96115de7b304d M      dlls

The exception seems to happen because of: domelem_getElementsByTagName 

Please revert the commit.
Eventually have a look at the +relay- and +msmxl-traces.
And please and fix your patch!

Hint: In the relay trace you won't find msxml calls at the end of the file
because after the program crashes another program of the chemsketch toolkit pops
up and asks me if I want to reload chemsketch.

Thank you very much!!! :)

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