[Bug 6086] Master of Orion 2 hangs as soon as mouse is moved

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Sun Oct 1 15:54:13 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From lhouk at lesliehouk.com  2006-01-10 15:54 -------
Vitaliy, I tried your patch this weekend, but it still hangs whenever I move the
mouse.  Thanks for submitting it, though; I appreciate your effort.

I thought I would document the exact procedure I used to apply the patch, for
the benefit of anyone who hasn't done it before.  It really wasn't that
difficult, and I hope others will now be willing to try it.

First, I logged in as root and removed the version of wine I had installed with yum:

   #yum remove wine

Next, I downloaded the source for wine 0.9.21 ("wine-0.9.21.tar.bz2") from
sourceforge.net and Vitaliy's patch ("hook_complete.diff") from Bugzilla.  I
unpacked the wine source code:

   #bunzip2 wine-0.9.21.tar.bz2 
   #tar xvf wine-0.9.21.tar 

I went into the new wine install directory and ran the initial configuration setup:

   #cd wine-0.9.21

I then applied the patch, compiled wine, and installed it:

   #cat ../hook_complete.diff | patch -p1
   #make depend
   #make install

It really was that easy.

Anyone else have any patches they would like me to try?  Or anything else I can
do to help diagnose the problem?  As always, thanks in advance to anyone who

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