[Bug 5535] err:clipping:CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion hVisRgn is zero

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Sat Oct 7 21:32:34 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From almeidaraf at yahoo.com  2006-07-10 21:32 -------
I'm sorry for sending a second comment following my attachment. I had some
trouble with my bugzilla password and I think that's why my comments on the bug
ended up not showing up. Anyhow, the attachment I've just posted have code that
produces the error reported here. The code is from this site
http://examples.oreilly.com/ai/Examples.zip It's an exemple of a book obout ai
for games.

I used the following command to compile the code:

% wineg++ *.cpp -mwindows

After running the resulting binary for a few minutes (or even less than a
minute, I didn't really time it) I get the error
"err:clipping:CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion hVisRgn is zero. Please report this."

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