[Bug 6502] World of Warcraft - NVidia flicker & display bug.

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Thu Oct 26 15:31:43 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From spin667 at mchsi.com  2006-26-10 15:31 -------
I managed to get WoW to install and run but I get flickering visuals and no 3d
graphics at all.

ubuntu 6.06
wine 0.9.23 packages from http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/
kernel 2.6.15-26-k7 (Athlon64 X2 4400)
nvidia 1.0-8762 (6200TC)

The menus and interface elements all seem to render flawlessly (except for the
flickering, which is over the entire screen.)

I installed WoW via the trial installer.
Installed the two patches required (without using the blizzard downloader.)

I made some changes to the Config.wtf per the howto on the appdb page:
SET gxApi "opengl" //forces wow to run in opengl without having to append
--opengl to wow.exe
SET ffxDeath "0"

I tried applying the two suggested registry settings one at a time. I also tried
without this registry key first.  I set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wine\OpenGL
to GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object and GL_ARB_vertex_program

In the case of no registry key, and both of the above values, text always
rendered correctly but there was always flickering and it never rendered and of
the real game graphics (just menus, interface elements, etc.)

I haven't tried the patch to 0.9.23 that's supposed to fix this.  I probably
will at some point.

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