[Bug 6151] SHDOCVW fixmes appear to cause crash in GSAK

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Fri Sep 15 06:46:05 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From roboknight+winehq at gmail.com  2006-15-09 06:46 -------
I have tried reinstalling (removing my .wine) several times with various version
of wine past 0.9.16 including a few versions of crossover wine (based on 0.9.19
and I believe the later one is based on 0.9.20).  Same result as the above.  I
did try it with the native DLL SHDOCVW.DLL a few times (only with SHLWAPI.DLL
once), to the effect that it eventually popped up the caches window, but never
populated it with anything.  I tried to get some output from that to see why it
was getting hung up, but when I used the same debug switches, I no longer saw
the "crash" (wine didn't crash before, but the application looked like it
crashed which is what I meant in my previous posts) but instead it appeared to
be in some sort of sleep loop.  I'll have to post a log of that when I get it
recompiled with the latest code (I stored some of the logs, but they were just
HUGE and I had to get rid of them).  I even tried putting in stubs for the
interface that was missing (IPerPropertyBrowsing as it turns out) and I got as
far as the SHDOCVW.DLL, but no further.  I'll try again with the native .DLLs
and see if I can post my logs.  It just seemed, at the time, with all the shell
FIXMEs that appeared I wasn't going to have much luck getting past that screen.

And yes, that link will point you to an older version of the app.  You can also
download it from www.gsak.net (that is the version I'm using 6.6.3).  I have
tried 6.6.1, and gotten the same result.  There is another forum of users (most
of whom haven't tried as much as I have to push past 0.9.16) that are having the
same problem there.  For now I let them know they should probably stick with
0.9.16 until a patch or workaround can be found.

I'd really like to get this working with version 0.9.21 because it appears that
Wine has fixed a "bug" I was having with wcmd before which would make it much
easier to use and I could at least put it in the "bronze" column.

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