[Bug 7905] Tool bar icons not all filled in with switcher cad III

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Sun Apr 1 06:13:36 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From mikolaj.zalewski at gmail.com  2007-01-04 06:13 -------
It looks like a bug in CopyImage. On my system the btnface color is 0xd8d8d8. It
gets mapped on the 16bpp DDB to 0xdedbde. But after the CopyImage it's 0xdedfde
and thus is not detected as transparent. Of course if this "feature" is also in
native then this is a bug in comctl32 and I shouldn't have used CopyImage.

I don't know too well the bitmaps handling functions but I'll try to investigate
it further. Maybe the DDBs are in RGB565 format but CopyImage passes through the
RGB555 format or this is just a rounding error somewhere.

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