[Bug 7920] New: Post provider setup of WMI core 1.5 fails due to wmi advapi32 exports missing

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Sun Apr 1 06:31:55 CDT 2007


           Summary: Post provider setup of WMI core 1.5 fails due to wmi
                    advapi32 exports missing
           Product: Wine
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: All
               URL: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: wine-misc
        AssignedTo: wine-bugs at winehq.org
        ReportedBy: focht at gmx.net


with my patch from http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7187 i got a bit
further with WMI core installation for win 9x, nt4 on wine 0.9.34
Before install (wmicore.exe) you need to set winecfg win9x or NT4 and copy
wmi.dll from native windows system to system32 dir.

Now complains about missing forwarded advapi exports (Windows Management
Interface part of advapi):


Later it bumps on

--- snip ---
wine: Call from 0x7b840750 to unimplemented function advapi32.dll.WmiOpenBlock,
--- snip ---

In advapi32.spec the following are stubbed/commented out:

--- snip ---
@ stub WdmWmiServiceMain
@ stub WmiCloseBlock
# @ stub WmiCloseTraceWithCursor
# @ stub WmiConvertTimestamp
# @ stub WmiDevInstToInstanceNameA
# @ stub WmiDevInstToInstanceNameW
# @ stub WmiEnumerateGuids
# @ stub WmiExecuteMethodA
# @ stub WmiExecuteMethodW
# @ stub WmiFileHandleToInstanceNameA
# @ stub WmiFileHandleToInstanceNameW
# @ stub WmiFreeBuffer
# @ stub WmiGetFirstTraceOffset
# @ stub WmiGetNextEvent
# @ stub WmiGetTraceHeader
# @ stub WmiMofEnumerateResourcesA
# @ stub WmiMofEnumerateResourcesW
# @ stub WmiNotificationRegistrationA
# @ stub WmiNotificationRegistrationW
@ stub WmiOpenBlock
# @ stub WmiOpenTraceWithCursor
# @ stub WmiParseTraceEvent
# @ stub WmiQueryAllDataA
# @ stub WmiQueryAllDataMultipleA
# @ stub WmiQueryAllDataMultipleW
# @ stub WmiQueryAllDataW
# @ stub WmiQueryGuidInformation
# @ stub WmiQuerySingleInstanceA
# @ stub WmiQuerySingleInstanceMultipleA
# @ stub WmiQuerySingleInstanceMultipleW
@ stub WmiQuerySingleInstanceW
# @ stub WmiReceiveNotificationsA
# @ stub WmiReceiveNotificationsW
# @ stub WmiSetSingleInstanceA
@ stub WmiSetSingleInstanceW
# @ stub WmiSetSingleItemA
# @ stub WmiSetSingleItemW
--- snip ---

The installation process seems to succeed at last.
WMI core, provider dlls and MOFs are compiled/registered.

I know WMI isnt in focus, implementing wmi.dll (core) itself seems to be
somewhat tedious task.
Due to undocumented/internal nature of this api i dont expect help/progress,
just added this entry for sake of completeness (and to remember myself).
Maybe i come up with a solution one day, but it takes time
investigating/researching that stuff (even true for getting api prototypes) ...

At least the wmi core tools (mofcomp.exe, wbemcntl.exe, wbemtest.exe,
WinMgmt.exe) seem to run - though not really usable yet.
The wbem test tool triggers access violations when querying wmi classes in wine
ole32:rpc module and the wmi config tools doesnt connect at all.
I might track down these separately and issue bug reports.


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