[Bug 7629] MechWarrior 3: ingame is black, but HUD gets drawn

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Sun Apr 1 23:58:59 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From liquitsnake at gmx.net  2007-01-04 23:58 -------
Still not working in 0.9.34

btw, if you choose any other resolution than 640x480 in the settings menu, the
game will _freeze_ the whole X server! Only way around the reset button is

Last few lines before freeze:
fixme:d3d7:IDirect3DImpl_7_EvictManagedTextures (0x16e8b8): Stub!
fixme:ddraw:IDirectDrawImpl_SetCooperativeLevel (0x16e8b8)->(0x10028,00000013)
fixme:xrandr:X11DRV_XRandR_SetCurrentMode Cannot change screen BPP from 32 to 16
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x7e2f85c0 "x11drv_main.c:
X11DRV_CritSection" wait timed out in thread 0010, blocked by 0009, retrying (60
X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

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