[Bug 7928] DirectX installer for Oblivion crashes when trying to load fusion.dll

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Mon Apr 2 04:24:35 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-02-04 04:24 -------

newer DirectX versions rely on certain parts of .NET framework.

mscoree's LoadLibraryShim() fails due to missing .NET fusion assembly.
No problem.

Either install .NET framework (1.1) or place the minimum required binaries from
native windows installation or web into system32 directory:

msvcr70.dll (dependency)

optional: shfusion.dll and MSVCR71.dll (dependency)

With both dlls present the installation proceeds further and finishes.
Though some minor complaints in WINDIR\DXError.log and WINDIR\DirectX.log
Looking at relay (LoadLibraryExW() retval=00000000) these seem not really critical.

When starting "dxdiag.exe" it complains about "dxdiagn.dll" too old.
This is due to wine's builtin version.
Use the native version and dxdiag will start up (though complains about some
sound module errors).
Basic info and directx tests seem to work so far.
If you got specific problems, file new bug reports.

I tested with DirectX 9.0c from january 2007

This info probably applies to other bugreports too.


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