[Bug 7698] Counter-Strike:Source crashes after a while

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Sun Apr 8 01:43:21 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From jrliggett at cox.net  2007-08-04 01:43 -------
I can confirm this happens in every Source game I've tried, in a variety of

- Half-Life 2 single player crashed for me when I was trying to destroy a vent
cover with the crowbar to go into an air duct.

- Counter-Strike Source crashed as I was being shot at on the bridge on de_aztec
after I had just taken someone out (not a headshot.)

- Half-Life 2 Deathmatch crashed as soon as I joined a server, where the MOTD is

In all of these cases I'm running fullscreen in 1024x768, and the backtrace is
the exact same as the one Luke attached. I'm on Gentoo 32-bit with X.org 7.1
with an NVIDIA 6800GT with drivers 1.0.9755.

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